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chess set Chess is one of the oldest board games, having originated in India about 1500 years ago.  The fact that chess is still popular the world over among people of all different ages and interests is a testament to this fascinating game's appeal.

Why do people love chess so much?  Well, chess requires that players have a combination of skill and smarts.  It can take years to become an accomplished chess player, and many players enjoy the journey of going from novice to expert.

chess game Chess is played by two opposing players, on a square checkered board with 64 squares.  Each player starts the game with sixteen white or black game pieces.  These pieces are of six types and consist of a king, a queen, two rooks, two bishops, two knights, and eight pawns.  Each piece type moves and captures other pieces on the board in a particular way.  The game's object is to checkmate the other player's king, by forcing it into a position where it cannot avoid capture.  You can find chess game rules and board setup information at Learn to Play Chess.

chess game players Today's chess sets come in a variety of materials, from basic plastic and cardboard sets for beginners to beautiful, intricately carved marble sets.  Chess sets can also be made out of a variety of woods, metals, and glass.  While black and white are the traditional colors for the pieces, sets with other colors are now available.  Chess is becoming so mainstream that themed chess sets are even available for people with various hobbies and interests! There are many articles about the history of chess on this web link.

Chess sets make attractive game table accessories and are popular gifts for chess players.  On, you will find several chess set suppliers, including new and used chess sets at eBay, as well as chess tournament information and player resources.

Chess Game and Chess Set Suppliers

  • The Chess Store
    Fine chess sets, chess boards, and chess computers from around the world.
  • House of Staunton
    This venerable chess game maker offers a wide range of premium and antique chess sets.
  • Luxury Chess
    Find unique and unusual chess sets you will be proud to display.
  • Ancient Games
    Chess boards, chess sets, and chess pieces for endless mix and match possibilities.
  • Chess-Shop
    Fine quality chess pieces, decorative chess sets, chess boards, and chess accessories.

Chess Resources

  • US Chess Federation
    The official sanctioning body for over-the-board tournament play in the US.
  • Internet Chess Club
    Online chess community for players of all levels – play live online chess!
  • Chess Corner
    Chess enthusiast site offers a wide range of chess resources.
  • Chess Games
    Online chess database and community, designed to improve the chess knowledge and skill of all players, from novice to grandmaster.

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